Silver Rates in Pakistan 21 May 2024

As of May 2024, the prevailing price for one tola 24 karat of Silver in the Pakistani’s Silver Market is reported as Rs. 2418. Today rate for a single gram of silver in Pakistan is also Rs. 208 this rate specifically applies to 24K silver in Karachi. For 22K silver, the cost is Rs. 188 per gram, and the price for 21 carat Chandi is 180 rupees.

Chandi Rates in Pakistan 21 May 2024

Silver TypeRate per GramRate per 10 GramsRate per TolaRate per Troy OunceRate per Kilogram

Silver Rate in Different Cities of Pakistan

CitySilver Rate per TolaSilver Rate per 10 Gram

Daily Silver Rates in Pakistan (Last 30 Days)

DateSilver 10
24K Silver
22K Silver
21K Silver


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What is silver price today?

Today silver rates in Pakistan Silver Market is announced Rs. 2418 per 1 tola of 24 karat.

What Silver is used for?

Silver, a versatile metal, is widely used in crafting jewelry, serving as a crucial conductor in electronics, and playing a key role in traditional photography. Its antimicrobial properties contribute to medical applications such as wound dressings. Additionally, silver is essential in the production of mirrors, solar panels, and serves as a catalyst in chemical reactions. Despite its historical use as currency, silver coins are still minted, and its incorporation into textiles harnesses antimicrobial advantages.

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