Gold Rates in Hyderabad 21 May 2024

Today 21 May 2024 gold price of 24 karat one tola in Hyderabad is Rs. 239050 and ten grams 24 carat gold price is Rs. 20495.

Today Gold Rates in Hyderabad 21 May 2024

Gold PurityGold WeightGold Price
24K10 GramsRs. 204950
24K1 TolaRs. 239050
22K10 GramsRs. 174460
22K1 TolaRs. 200969
21K10 GramsRs. 166540
21K1 TolaRs. 194758
18K10 GramsRs. 142340
18K1 TolaRs. 165935
12k10 GramsRs. 92555
12k1 TolaRs. 107950

Last 30 Days Daily Gold Rate in Hyderabad

DateGold 10
24K Gold
22K Gold
21K Gold
18K Gold
Daily Gold Price in Pakistan

Daily Gold Price in Hyderabad


Gold prices in Pakistan, influenced by broader economic trends, significantly impact financial decisions and investment strategies within the country. Staying aware of these price fluctuations is essential for individuals involved in trade, investment, and the jewelry industry, shaping their decision-making processes.

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How gold is formed?

Gold forms through nucleosynthesis in massive stars, especially during supernova explosions, where energy release pushes heavy elements, including gold, into space. Rapid neutron capture during supernovae creates heavy elements that become part of the interstellar medium and later integrate into new stellar systems like our Solar System. Geological processes concentrate gold in Earth’s crust over time, allowing extraction through mining methods.

What color is gold?

Gold, a valuable metal, is recognized for its unique color spectrum, ranging from yellowish-orange to yellow-brown. This particular hue is a defining feature of gold and is frequently evident in diverse gold-related items, such as jewelry and coins. The different appearance of gold is widely employed for decorative and luxurious applications.

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