Gold Rate Today Quetta 21 May 2024

As of May 2024, the Sarafa Jewellers society Quetta reports that the present cost of 24K gold in Quetta stands at Rs. 207489 for 10 grams and Rs. 242000 per tola. Offered in different karats like 22K, 21K, 20K, and 18K, the favored and highest-value variant is 24K gold. Explore the current rates for gold in Quetta and refer to the historical gold rates chart based on market trends below.

Gold Price Today Quetta 21 May 2024

Gold PurityGold WeightGold Price
24K10 GramsRs. 207489
24K1 TolaRs. 242000
22K10 GramsRs. 173510
22K1 TolaRs. 200499
21K10 GramsRs. 166070
21K1 TolaRs. 194671
18K10 GramsRs. 142620
18K1 TolaRs. 166001
12k10 GramsRs. 92310
12k1 TolaRs. 107660

Last 30 Days Daily Gold Rate in Quetta

DateGold 10
24K Gold
22K Gold
21K Gold
18K Gold
Daily Gold Price in Pakistan

Daily Gold Price in Quetta


The pricing of gold in Quetta Pakistan results from an elaborate connection between international and local elements, collectively molding its direction. To make well-informed decisions, investors, jewellers, and consumers need to stay informed of these influences. As the global economic scenario undergoes constant changes, the gold rate in Pakistan is expected to remain as a powerful gauge of economic well-being and investor outlook in the estimative future.

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Why is gold used in jewellery?

Gold finds application in a limited number of projects, effectively preventing corrosion caused by moisture and air gases. Its utilization is particularly prominent in the field of jewelry due to its lustrous appearance and great resistance to corrosion. Additionally, its exceptional malleability and ductility allow it to be easily crafted into various shapes and patterns.

Which gold is pure?

24-karat gold consists of 100 percent pure gold without any alloyed metals. Referred to as 99.9 percent pure in the local market, it displays a vibrant, unmistakable bright yellow hue. Notably, 24-karat gold commands a higher price compared to both 22 and 18 karat gold.

How to check if gold is real?

Initiate the magnet test by positioning a powerful magnet near your gold item and observing the ensuing reaction. Given that gold is a non-magnetic metal, the absence of any reaction confirms its authenticity. Conversely, if the magnet elicits attraction, it indicates the presence of counterfeit gold.

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