Gold Rate Today Peshawar 21 May 2024

As of May 2024, the existing gold rate in Peshawar is Rs. 241950 per tola, as reported by the Peshawar Gold Market. The per-gram gold rate in Peshawar is Rs. 20743 for 24K gold,22K gold priced at Rs. 17,487 per gram, and 21 carat gold at Rs. 16,688. Look into the current Peshawar gold rates and mention the historical gold rates chart based on market trends below.

Gold Rate Today Peshawar 21 May 2024

Gold PurityGold WeightGold Price
24K10 GramsRs. 207436
24K1 TolaRs. 241950
22K10 GramsRs. 174260
22K1 TolaRs. 201675
21K10 GramsRs. 166240
21K1 TolaRs. 194358
18K10 GramsRs. 142140
18K1 TolaRs. 165735
12k10 GramsRs. 92555
12k1 TolaRs. 107850

Last 30 Days Daily Gold Rate in Peshawar

DateGold 10
24K Gold
22K Gold
21K Gold
18K Gold
Daily Gold Price in Pakistan

Daily Gold Price in Peshawar


The gold price in Peshawar elaborate interaction between international and local elements, collectively molding its direction. To make well-informed decisions, investors, jewellers, and consumers need to stay informed of these influences. As the global economic scenario undergoes constant changes, the gold rate in Pakistan is predictable to remain as a dynamic gauge of economic well-being and investor outlook in the foreseeable future.

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Why is gold price dropping?

Gold pulled back below the $2,000 per ounce mark, driven by the increase of the dollar and Treasury yields. This shift occurred as traders reduced their expectations for U.S. interest rate cuts to appear by March, prompted by job data that overstepped initial expectations.

How can I buy gold?

Getting gold bullion offers various paths, including online platforms like APMEX or JM Bullion, local dealers, collectors, and even thrift shops. It’s crucial to be mindful of gold’s spot price, representing the current market price per ounce, as you engage in the purchasing process, ensuring a fair transaction.

How to buy cheap gold?

Gold in its physical form is commonly found as gold bars or bullion coins, providing a cost-effective option to alter your gold investments.

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