Gold Rate Today In Islamabad 21 May 2024

Gold, a longstanding symbol of wealth, maintains its charm in the modern era. As of May 2024, the current 24K gold prices in Islamabad stand at Rs. 208808 per 10 grams and Rs. 243550.00 per tola, according to the Islamabad-Rawalpindi Jewelers Association.

1 tola pak gold rate in Islamabad Pakistan, 10 gram pk gold rate in Islamabad Pakistan and 1 gram gold rate in Islamabad Pakistan are given below in the Table.

Islamabad Gold Rate Today 21 May 2024

Gold PurityGold WeightGold Price
24K10 GramsRs. 208808
24K1 TolaRs. 243550
22K10 GramsRs. 176090
22K1 TolaRs. 201939
21K10 GramsRs. 165600
21K1 TolaRs. 192645
18K10 GramsRs. 142020
18K1 TolaRs. 165104
12k10 GramsRs. 92245
12k1 TolaRs. 107040

Last 30 Days Daily Gold Rate in Islamabad

DateGold 10
24K Gold
22K Gold
21K Gold
18K Gold


The pricing of gold in Islamabad Pakistan results from an elaborate interaction between international and local elements, collectively molding its direction. To make well-informed decisions, investors, jewellers, and consumers need to stay informed of these influences. As the global economic scenario undergoes constant changes, the gold rate in Pakistan is expected to remain as a dynamic gauge of economic well-being and investor outlook in the foreseeable future.

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How to calculate gold price?

Determine the gold content’s worth by multiplying the pure gold weight with the present market gold price. For instance, if the current market rate for gold is Rs.50 per gram and the jewelry consists of 7.5 grams of pure gold, the gold content’s value can be calculated as 7.5 x Rs.50, resulting in Rs.375.

Why gold is so expensive?

Gold possesses a distinctive color and luster, and its resistance to tarnishing sets it apart from other metals. The rarity of gold instills confidence, as people can trust that its value will endure. The challenges associated with mining gold prevent attempts to devalue it as a currency.

What is gold used for?

Gold is employed across diverse industries such as medical, electronics, automotive, defense, and aerospace due to its inherent properties. Additionally, it is becoming more prevalent as a catalyst in various industrial processes.

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